What Are Leadership Skills?

Leadership skills are, more often than not, learned over time – sort of through osmosis.This is especially true in a small business because there are generally fewer levels from the loading dock to the board room. So leadership skills at one level effect the atmosphere at the levels both above and below.

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Regardless which level in the business you find yourself you will want to demonstrate the leadership skills of courage, empathy, stamina, and accountability in ways that encourage others to follow you – as these are elements to leadership skills of value to everyone.

Do you regularly collaborate with your successful peers, before making decisions that will effect those whose trust in your judgement is a central component in their willingness to see you are THEIR leader?

And while leading are your management shills developed well enough to insure you are leading in the right direction?

For example, do you look at leadership skills and business management separately, as being two different disciplines requiring two different people?

Maybe that’s true – but, based on my experience if you want your company to grow and evolve, you need to be both a leader and a manager.

This is not the answer to what are leadership skills unless you simply want to maintain the status quo. If that’s the case then all that you need to do is “manage” people – which is something quite different from leading them.

In business as in nature, everything is either growing or it is dead. Your business may be dead, if you think you can manage your way out of today’s economic environment.

You may think you can manage your way around your competitors. Or you may think you can manage your way to greater profitability. Well that might work for the short term, and the short term gets shorter and shorter all the time.

Assuming that you want your company to grow, a combined approach that can help you become an effective leader. You probably already know how to manage. But, do you know how to inspire and encourage creativity?

And it is your employees who will determine whether you are a leader or not. They will let you know by following you – unless they choose not to. Leaders must inspire followers to follow them of their own accord.

In order to inspire, you need to have a vision; where you want your company to be. And, you need to share that vision with your employees. Inspirational leadership and business management can and should go hand in hand.

Many managers literally kill creativity by requiring their employees to perform mundane tasks on a daily basis. That’s boring, leading to poor workmanship, accidents, workplace conflict – all sorts of things, and none of them good for business. And not building leadership skills either.

Effective leadership skills development make work fun – not with everybody running around playing practical jokes on one another, but fun in the sense that they enjoy being there and feel productive spending time in collaboration with one another.

Your employees will look forward to coming in every day. They will be more productive and your business will continue to grow. You can tell right away how successful your new work environment is working out by consulting your sick leave rolls, your employees trips to the doctor, and the workplace grievances filed in HR.

In order to progress, you need to manage and lead. Think of yourself as two people. You are the manager that averts threats and reduces weaknesses. But, you are also the leader that seizes opportunities and amplifies strengths.

Learning how to do this is not simple. It won’t happen overnight, but you did not get into the situation overnight either. You need to realize that you will make mistakes and be willing to change your own ways of doing things.

True leadership skills are about getting your employees to abandon their old habits, if necessary. But, it may also be about giving up your own habits. Just because that’s the way it was done in the past has nothing to do with how you will approach it in the future

If your take on what it means to have leadership skills is not working, if your people are not producing and your business is not growing, then you may be the one that needs to change.

Some executives view leadership and business management as the same thing. Others, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, see them completely separately. Jack Welch, who helped GE step into the future in 1980, believed that managers slow things down, while leaders keep the business running smoothly.

Look at what you normally do on a daily basis. Are you a hands-on manager that interferes with employee productivity? If so, you and your company can benefit from a business leadership management seminar. It is a long subject. What you have read here is only the tip of the iceberg that is leadership and business management. Knowledge is your key to success.

And success results from one thing and one thing only! Success comes from making better decisions. It’s that simple, not easy to do on your own however. In fact the most successful leaders among us, in every walk of life, systematically reach out to their hand-pick board of advocates and supporters for insights and advice.

Leadership skills are what makes the leader who he or she is. They are traits that dictate how a leader makes decisions that can have big effects. Learning these skills takes time and the right focus, so naturally some look to educational institutions for that. One the leaders in the field is the Lubbock Christian Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership Skills where they incorporate a full-view curriculum with real-life stories.

If you want to be even more successful in the future than you are today, you are always on the lookout for ideas and resources to help you. Learn why it’s important to understand the power and implications of leadership and business management.

top leadership skillsEffective leaders know full well that some mistakes, and there will always be mistakes, their business can absorb. And some mistakes can (often quickly) absorb their business.

They know that their reputation as someone worthy of trust, someone who consistently delivers on their promises – is everything. Mistakes, whether real or perceived, are often pounced on immediately by unhappy or revenge seeking customers or competitors.

Your customers are online talking about your business every day and if you’re not monitoring these conversations in real time, the damage can be devastating – before you have a chance to state your case. Posting a bad review on TripAdvisor, FaceBook, or Twitter take minutes – and you better be able to address them just a quickly.

Business owners like you are realizing they need a dependable way to find out what’s being said about their company and an effective and efficient way of managing their online reputation.
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