What About Leadership and Management Skills? Leaders Must First Be Followers

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What do you think when someone tells you they can teach you how to be a leader?

True, leadership and management skills are requirements of success today – so why not hire some guru to teach you just how easy it is to become one?

Leadership and management skills certainly seem to be an essential component for the celebrated success of the mega corporations where the leader is the man or woman everyone is willing to follow into unknown territory and stick with against all likelihood.

That looks like it’s the organization’s inevitable secret of success – their readiness to take on the metaphorical San Juan Hill that has been pointed out to them by their leader.

Just as there are famous success stories attributed to the admirers of influential leaders, there have also been some terrible failures. Tragic to the employees who followed and to the stockholders who lost their investment.

When some of these charismatic leaders have so openly lead their devotees (and the media) over a cliff like countless lemmings, probably more ought to have been required than the ability to convince others that they had the right to lead them and the direction they were going was the right one.

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Maybe leadership and management skills would have helped them take their supporters and their organizations in the direction it would have been more profitable for them to go. But since it was the faceless investors’ money and considering that the leader had the support of the media and in many cases the people in politics, their actual failure to lead is oftentimes swept under the rug.

By contrast owners of family businesses, nearly all the companies in existence today, spend, invest, and lose their own money – not that of a nameless stockholder. About ninety percent of all companies have less than 200 employees so everyone knows everyone and essentially everything that is going on.

The family owned and operated organizations which last through and beyond the founder’s generation will need leadership and management skills more than the the mega companies because the very jobs, futures, and possible fortunes of everyone in the organization and in many cases town are dependent on them.

For them leadership and management skills bring together the how to do the job, something that is known at least historically given that the organization is still operating – with why do it to begin with. Managers who are also leaders are aware that doing a job right is important but conceivably not as crucial as doing the right job

In relation to leadership and management skills, entrepreneurs who think deliberately, plan thoroughly, and execute flawlessly will surely beat out people who simply set goals and hope for the best.

Over the years we’ve seen that the best leadership and management skills are not developed inside the classroom, it’s on the job. It isn’t purchased and taught by industry professionals, it comes from the systematic strategic conversations between the business owners and employees and their industry peers.

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