What Is So Great About An Airbnb?

The two wildcards when it comes to travel, foreign or domestic, are airfare and lodging.

So savings in these areas allow you to make the experience all the more enjoyable!

Are you planning a trip to Venice for example?

Or maybe simply a visit to Grandmother’s house, where you usually stay in a hotel?

The first time we stayed at an Airbnb was just such an event.

We were going to California to visit relatives, staying several days (and we didn’t want to wear out our welcome), we were not famalier with the area and didn’t want to rent a car and waste time getting lost all over town.

Plus, we wanted to be within easy walking distance from our relatives house and from what we could tell there were no hotels that close by.

Bingo, an Airbnb just two blocks away – stayed in their pool house with great breakfasts – it was fabulous.

Today, and going forward, any trip in fact that any of us are likely to make any where any time an Airbnb is probably going to be an excellent alternative to the usual hotels we’ve experienced in the past.

When any of us are planning a trip of any duration we all come to the point where it’s time to make a decision. Should we stay at an Airbnb or go through a standard hotel chain?

Let’s take a look at what’s great about an Airbnb.


1) Affordable

An Airbnb could be less expensive than the hotel chain you normally use, and that’s a major requirement for a lot of people. In areas where there are lots of Airbnb’s to choose from the competition between them can result in lower costs and/or more of the features you want.  The solution will be cost-efficient, and that means money can be spent elsewhere.

2) Specific Locations In City

For us this is a key consideration. We can really stay where the locals actually live. Today we’ve all seen the tourist landmarks of everyplace – at least on TV. So we like to stay with the people, we can hit the tourist areas too without having to stay there. Want to be close to the beach? Perhaps, you actually do want to be close to a particular landmark in the city (i.e. Eiffel Tower in Paris), there’s an Airbnb close by them as well. Plus it’s easier to find a good Airbnb room/apartment/house etc. instead of an overpriced hotel.

3) Homely

We love the “homely” nature of an Airbnb. Recently we stayed for several weeks in a huge city. The Airbnb was far from the tourist area so we had live there like the locals. Pizza was delivered for us just like it was for everyone else. We took the same public transportation, and had generally speaking an adventure just like we actually lived there. Have you ever returned from a trip, or even seen a certain place on TV, and wondered what it would be like to live there? That’s what you can get from your Airbnb experience if you want it.

4) More Space

We have found that the “usable” space you get for your money is greater at an Airbnb compared to a hotel – since hotels often provide things that are not important to us, whose cost is included in the price of the room. In areas where there are sveral competing Airbnb’s you can look for the ones with the specific things that are important to you which can result in more of what’s important (space perhaps) and less of what’s not. Hotels are not generally able to match what an Airbnb provides. By paying the same price and getting more room, for example, it becomes hard to beat.

Comparisons With Normal Hotels

1) Easier To Customize

The real beauty of Airbnb.com (grab your Airbnb free coupon here) is your ability to sift through variables in a matter of seconds. In fact it’s the ability to sort out exactly what you want that has allowed Airbnb.com to change the world of travel for millions of us. You can select the right place for you based on how room size, view, price, parking, entertainment, and more. Plus location. I met someone who returned from Paris having stayed in three different Airbnbs in different parts of the city. My first thought was , why didn’t I think of that. All of this customization for your perfect place is included in the package which is likely to be cheaper than a hotel.

2) Unique

We belong to loyalty programs at hotel chains here in the US. When we used to travel we’d book in at one of them along the way. It was simple and we knew exactly what we’d be getting. These hotels have a standard type for their rooms, and staying there was boring but easy. Once we had our first Airbnb experience we look to them first – we’ve found them in places we would have never guessed. Instead of staying at a bland hotel on the freeway we’ll go a little closer to the town for a unique experience. When travelling abroad the range of locations and options provided by the local Airbnb’s can make even a simple stay a totally unique experience.

3) Budget-Friendly

“Budget-friendly” is an expression generally used by advertisers to mean “cheaper than our competitors” which is different than the way we use it. For us, being budget-friendly is used in the context of our overall goal. For example, when it come to travelling to Europe airfare (watch our how-to save on airfare video) and lodging are the two wildcards in the travel budget.  Wildcards because they are the two expenses that you would not have if you stayed home. So, whenever you save money on either one of them you free up money for something else – staying a few days longer or adding another experience to your itenerary for example. The budget-friendly solution provided by an Airbnb stay is hard to deny.

Setting Up Process For The First Time

Now that there are Airbnb’s everywhere I don’t know how we did without them. We’ve traveled to Europe over a dozen times since the mid 1970’s when we would rely of Zimmer frei signs along the streets of the little towns we visited. Nothing booked in advance, relying on our English only handicap we could never have imagined the ease of travel we experience today.

Are you nervous about staying at an Airbnb? Many people are, at first, assuming the Airbnb might be risky or the properties not vetted, etc. Don’t let your doubts get in the way. The Airbnb.com website clearly spells everything out for you. This is a reputable company with a proven track record.

The booking process itself is simple for those who haven’t done it before.

Hop online, set up your dates (time of arrival and departure), find listings during that period, and sign up based on the ratings/prices, features, etc..

It doesn’t take long, and you’ll know the location is good to go.

In fact, why don’t you get our free coupon(in the nav bar above or the link below) and book yourself into a local Airbnb next weekend. Sort of a test run with Airbnb.com picking up part of the tab.

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