What Could Be Worse Than A Bad Airbnb Review?

Actually I can think of several things that are much much worse than a bad review on Airbnb.com. #Airbnb

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Understanding how reviews work on Airbnb.com will go a long way in helping hosts to mend bad reviews and find them.

They have an app for that and you will want to install it and pay close attention to it.

Typically, Airbnb hosts focus on the reviews that are left on the site itself.

If a bad Airbnb review comes in and you aren’t on top of it and able to rectify a bad review to keep your reputation intact  – the impact on the Airbnb host’s business could be considerable and immediate.

Reviews vs Comments – a distinction without a difference.

It’s one thing to manage your Airbnb.com reviews but if you fail to keep track of the reviews/comments  that are left elsewhere you are potentially killing, certainly diminishing, your Airbnb business.

On the other hand it’s not easy to locate a bad review elsewhere. They are often made on travel sites like TripAdvisor or dozens of others and they may be made on individual blogs or association or corporate web sites with a huge following where your guest is well known – places you’ve never heard of.

Sadly, these are the reviews/comments that no one should miss. For this reason, it’s vital to keep a reputation management strategy in action at all times. Hosts that aren’t aware of a bad review can’t do anything to satisfy an angry customer.

Hosts should set up means in which they can check for bad reviews posted anywhere on the Internet in real-time, in an effort to work something out with guests who may have been dissatisfied.

Social Media – your ticket to sustainable success as an Airbnb host.

Social media content is another area where hosts should be keeping an eye out for comments.

Every Airbnb guest on the planet is most likely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and possibly several other social media platforms.

In a previous article I described in some detail what drives people to post reviews and comments of social media and how important that you’re able to engage with them right where they’ve posted their thoughts about their stay at your place.

In that article I pointed out the fact that the overwhelming % of comments are more or less positive. And it’s these positive comments and reviews that have the greatest leveragability for future even more profitable bookings.

The Best Offence is a Great Defence – and vice versa

Are you constantly on offence, 24/7, scouring the Internet for bad Airbnb reviews?

Or do you simply check your Airbnb.com app when you think about it?

Are you on top of every time you or your Airbnb are mentioned anywhere online – so you can address any concerns from previous guests?

Or wait until someone happens to mention that they saw your Airbnb mentioned on Facebook or elsewhere?

Do hundreds, maybe thousands of potential guests see your caring response to their friends and friends of friends whether the review/comment is good or bad?

Or will you simply rely on Airbnb.com to do all your marketing for you?

Will every guest who leaves a review or comment anywhere online directly or indirectly result in new business from folks you would have never heard of and who would have never chosen your Airbnb?

Or will you plod along taking whatever comes your way?

That’s what it all comes down to.

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