Small Business Internet Marketing and Fly Fishing, What’s The Connection?

Does your website appear on Google’s first page? Are there lots of ways for people to find you? Or are you still relying on brochures and business cards?

Maybe you have experienced Alaskan fly fishing?

You’ll be out there all on your own wading in an ice cold river with its shadowy blue water flowing by.

The sun’s glistening reflection will make it difficult for you to see more than very few inches below the surface.

A giant Largemouth bass can be just a couple of feet away yet you won’t find it – never be aware that it’s there waiting for you.

For hours you wait there casting into the shallows, moving your fly rod back over your head – permitting the fishing line play out to make certain that as you whip it forward the almost weightless fly at its end will drop just the place you originally planned it to land.

Realizing that the trout are there you are making this rhythmic cast over and over till the time a hungry fish jumps right out of the stream and grabs your fly in mid-air.

If this isn’t just like Website marketing for small business I’m not sure what is.

Way back in 1964 Rock Hudson and Paula Prentis starred in a phenomenal Internet marketing film.

This popular article was syndicated across the Internet. It made sense to leverage its message by creating multiple versions of it and posting them here over time. Because you found this story by doing an Internet search obviously Google likes it. Can you tell if this is the original or one of the versions created in ten minutes? Watch The Video Now!

The film, “Man’s Favorite Sport” involved a fly fishing expert from Abercrombie and Fitch. He was an authority that had not ever actually fished, away from the confines of the sporting goods department where he flawlessly cast the fly across the room perfectly into a tiny wading pond.

He was similar to numerous Internet marketing specialists we have around nowadays. They talk the talk nonetheless they have never walked the walk. These are the Internet marketers whose reputations have caused us to think better with regards to used car sales people. Their practices have turned lots of small business owners off, no one wants to identify themselves as an Internet marketer, that few of you are taking advantage of the benefits of Internet marketing for small business.

Furthermore, while they make it look easy for them, we all know that having the perfect technology is ineffective if we have no idea how to use it. And that looking like you know what you are doing is far less important than actually knowing – in Internet marketing for small business – just like Rock Hudson discovered when he had to really go into the woods and enter a fly fishing contest.

When you’re thinking of fly fishing, if you would like become successful you need to fish where the fish are. With regards to Internet marketing – accomplishment is all about doing the research. Who exactly do you wish to reach? Precisely what must they be looking for when they find your web site? And what precisely do you want them to do?

A flawed Internet marketing strategy that is executed perfectly will always deliver better results in comparison with an exceptionally well developed strategy implemented poorly if the person with the imperfect process has spent the time and energy to do the marketing research which will bring the correct customers to his or her site for the right reasons to start with.

A very good fly fisherman recognizes that no matter how good they are at casting, it doesn’t matter how incredible their colorful tiny fly, and no matter how exactly they know the location of the fish – it still requires hours of duplication, casting again and again if they want to land their limit.

The fish move leisurely, merely hanging out with their friends – looking up at the small fly flicking at the surface, some of them just ate, some of them are too tired, some of them have other things on their mind, you will never know? One thing is certain – they are certainly not all thinking about the fly at any one time, but they will all be happy to take a grab at it at some point.

The key then is to be right there in close range when they are in a position to take action. When your Internet marketing tactic means you send out emails once in a while, or you count on people who visit your site to “order now” – you’re missing 99% of the prospects.

Once you’ve attracted them to your site, you need to do something that captures them – so later on when they have elevated themselves from casual looker to actual prospect, you will be able to present your solution again. We can never assume anyone to return to our web site – so we’ve got to take advantage of the fact that they showed up at least once.

In regards to Internet marketing for small business, those who grab your offer will be those who are looking for what you’re selling and who have found your product/service/price/benefit equation compelling enough to grab it.

From that point on it’s between you and them to see if they drop into your net or swim away.

When they are on the hook you’re job is to reel them in as flawlessly as possible – making them happy and comfortable with the decision they’ve made today, tomorrow, and for years into the future.

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