Marketing Professional Services

Today, in order to market our services and by logical extension ourselves – our unique value proposition must rise above the noise and clutter of all the lookalikes who are competing with us for our prospect’s attention.

Are you frustrated by marketing strategies that don’t work, not for you anyway?

By the inability to get consistent marketing traction that takes you toward your business development objectives?

And even with an endless stream of new marketing tools – cheap and simple – realizing your true potential still alludes you?

Getting the attention of enough of the right kind of people – getting them to trust you and contact you, using online strategies alone is not going to happen. No matter what anyone says.

Marketing Professional Services 3.0 leverages strategies that worked traditionally, plus existing and emerging technologies to help you realize your potential.

Today in order to market our services – our unique value proposition has to rise above the noise and clutter of all the lookalikes who are competing with us for our prospects attention.

So, if you want to market yourself and your services more effectively, you’ve come to the right place.

While each module stands alone I recommend that you go through them in order, the first time anyway. Then return to ferret out the answers to your remaining questions and to uncover additional nuggets of information that did not seem relevant the first time.

The first recorded voice record to sell of 50,000 copies, Earl Nightengale's Strangest Secret

I recently listened to the “The Strangest Secret”. If you haven’t heard or read it you are missing a great motivational message.

The amazing thing is there are many lessons that you can take from it so you should listen to it more than once.

As time passes and conditions change you will realize how you think and the way you approach the challenges will have an impact upon your life.

Never pass a lesson of wisdom without giving it some thought about how the lesson may affect your future.

  • Module Two: Everywhere we look everyone is telling us that they know the keys to success. And they write books and give speeches about them. When we dig deeply enough into what they’re saying, it turns out to be the same thing.

  • Module Three: I know from personal experience that it isn’t talent that determines our success – it’s circumstances. Or perhaps more importantly, whether we recognize the opportunities along the way that will change our circumstances.
  • Module Four: There are three things you must do to succeed, the same things that were true for me 35+ years ago and no doubt long before that.
  • Module Five: Your clients expect you to help them sort out the best business development options from the avalanche bombarding them daily. They want you to help them paint their picture of the future of their business.

Professionals like us have known forever that from a marketing perspective, the more things change – the more they stay the same. Historically we had to ask for prestige recommendations (referrals from people with great prestige to our prospects) in person – face to face. Now we have social media, which makes it so much easier for you to tell your colleagues about marketing professional services, and I hope you will. Just make sure they are at least 100 miles away from you, so later on you can team up with them as a thought tank – without putting yourself in direct competition with people close by.

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