Video: Top 10 Characteristics of a Leader

Resources in the form of selected YouTube videos to help you leverage your business development strategies to achieve their greatest impact. Each element in the business development strategies equation, such as the one you're watching here, is interdependent with the others. I have seen dozens of articles detailing the top 10 characteristics of an effective leader.

These lists were always different, they had the characteristics in different orders of importance.

There was one characteristic that was on every list, accountability. Leaders are accountable to their employees, their customers, to their businesses, their families and to themselves.

This video is a simple presentation that reveals (more) of the top 10 characteristics of a successful leader.

Successful business owners know that their business expansion strategies should always focus on growth.

This video will address one of the areas requiring your unrelenting focus if you expect success year after year after year.

Elements of business development strategies impact that growth in several ways. That’s why we chose videos dealing with business communication training, workplace conflict resolution, strategic planning courses, leadership strategies and a range of business development ideas.

Strategically building the business for the future is always a challenge. That’s why we recommend that a collaborative relationship with their successful peers is often the most profitable way to get the help they need for sustained growth over the long haul.

The videos we’re publishing are supported by related resources in our side bars and at the conclusion of this post – to make the time you spend here on our web site more productive whether you think this particular video answers your questions or not.

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No matter the subject (or quality for that matter) of the video above – in one way or another an element of marketing is tied to it. Marketing strategies are part of every element of every organization.

Today that means getting the right people to find us online – just like you found this video, and doing that is an element of keyword based marketing. The single most effect product we’ve found – and used consistently since it was in BETA is below.

Today there is an element of leadership in every aspect of our lives and our businesses. As a successful person, your leadership strategy, developed with the insights of your employees, your mentors and your peers will define your future and that of your family.

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What Are Leadership Skills?
As a leader (or someone trying to determine if they are one or not) do you demonstrate courage, empathy, stamina, and accountability  in ways that encourage others to follow you? Do you regularly collaborate with your successful peers, before making decisions that will effect those whose trust in your judgement is a central component in their willingness to see you are THEIR leader?

And while leading are your management shills developed well enough to insure you are leading in the right direction? For example, do you look at leadership and business management separately, as being two different disciplines requiring two different people?

Maybe that’s true – but, based on my experience if you want your company to grow and evolve, you need to be both a leader and a manager. This is not the answer to what are leadership skills unless you simply want to maintain the status quo. If that’s the case then all that you need to do is “manage” people – which is something quite different from leading them. In business as in nature, everything is either growing or it is dead. Your business may be dead, if you think you can manage your way out of today’s economic environment.

You may think you can manage your way around your competitors. Or you may think you can manage your way to greater profitability. Well that might work for the short term, and the short term gets shorter and shorter all the time.

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23 thoughts on “Video: Top 10 Characteristics of a Leader

  1. Bad spelling turns me off. If you are trying to teach then at least get the basics right yourself.

  2. So, what do any of these have to do with being a successful leader? If you meant “subject matter expert” or “pioneer” then sure. Yet all of these (except for the first couple) are about improving the person in the leadership role – which has nothing to do with actual leadership.

  3. This is very true! On number 8, A leader should be a good listener. You just said it right! Leaders should listen to their staff/employees too once in a while. They work for you a lot and they deserve to be treated well in this career and company. I hope that everyone of us deserves the best on our job now.

  4. You are completely right. Leaders should listen more regardless of whether they are employees or not. Check out “All Things Leadership and Self Growth” on

  5. My supervisor does not listen. He manipulates us to cover his ass and treat us like his servants. Even threatened us in the presence of other employees that he will write us up if we do not follow him. What a jerk! When we ask him what is our schedule he does not know, why because he is stupid, he simply does not know anything about his job. Goes to work asking too many questions, distrustful, and too anxious.

  6. i’m like half of 1&3
    completely for 2,4-9
    and uncertain about 10
    strange. i never considered myself a very good leader. guess i have the characteristics of one tho.

  7. if you’re talking about the video there were no errors. if there were i’d go major OCD on it. tho “surround” on #7 should’ve been “surrounds” and i think that’s the only one. if you are referring to a commenter than i would have no idea.

  8. hitler should watch this. not that that arrogant crap-head would think anything said was RIGHT of course.

  9. I replace Listner with Observer… 🙂 is also important or most importante that only listner u must do both.

  10. @oguzhann14 Nah, we’re both wrong. I met a mate, a few weeks ago, I hadn’t seen in a while. When we were teenagers everyone noticed he was weak-minded and easily led and did what he was told, no matter how stupid. Now He’s a captain with the british army. I could believe his tranformation. Anyway it made me rethink about leadership.
    Maybe we’re each born with leadership abilities and they just need to be developed.
    Ductus exemplo, Mate.

  11. Success for Managers means: I want to be in healthy relationships. I want a real connection with people I spend so much time with.

  12. Look at some some of the replies below. I used to think that they were born but a few months ago I met a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. When we were younger he was a nervous wreck, gulible, confused and no real leadership. Now he’s a captain with the british army. His leadership really came through. I was wrong.

  13. Who is your favorite teacher? Mine is Warren bennis. If you haven’t read his books I recommend them.

  14. I’ll check him out. I’ve got into the whole concept of leadership and always on the look out for new blood. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a good mentor.

  15. People can be born to want to lead…and born to want to take a leadership role….but being a GOOD leader takes practice.

  16. Ignore that. I was completely wrong. I met a friend who is a captain with the british army. When we were children he was such a wimp and a push over. Seeing him now, I could swear I wasn’t talking to the same person.

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