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3 Ways of Selecting The Best Free Membership Software Programs

No matter what business you’re in there are many benefits to running an ongoing membership site, perhaps different reasons than you might be considering.

Our step by step videos demonstrate how free membership software programs can be installed and managed without spending any money.


Membership site software can make your business, whether it is an 100% online business or a traditional mainstream company with an Internet component, easier and potentially a great deal more profitable!

Do you want to know how to choose the best free membership software programs? If so, then know that there are different ways of choosing the right free membership software solution for your business.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest the time and effort to learn these methods, then you might end up choosing the wrong software and you will lose your hard earned money.

Now that virtually everybody is using WordPress as their web site’s publishing platform choosing how you’re going to run your membership site using free membership software programs.

Here are some of the best ways of choosing the right free membership software programs:

1. Do Research

The first thing that you might want to start with is research. You have to do a thorough research if you want to find the best free membership software programs. You should know that there is no substitute for hands-on research. Therefore, you have to be the one who will check out the different software. That’s what the videos are for, to give you a real start choosing the right application for you. This will help you in knowing if the software will work or not and you will never waste your time doubting yourself.

You can continue your research on the Internet. If you do a simple search for free membership software programs on the Google for example, you will be able to find different software programs. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. Therefore, you have to thoroughly research the programs you come across so that you can know the ones that are good and those that you need to avoid.

First Video in the Series!

Important Note: The WordPress version has changed several times from the one we’re using to illustrate the application of this free membership software programs’ setup. That is not important, WordPress is always updating from one version to the next. Each version builds on the functionality of the previous version.

2. Define Your Needs

There are some things that you might want the software to do for you. Therefore, you need to write down some of these things and you should give a priority to the things that you cannot live without. This information will help you choosing the right free membership software programs because you will know what you want it to do for you. It will be easy to choose the software that will handle these tasks.

You should not consider your current needs only. You have to think of how your needs might change in the future. There are some programs that are not updated and that were created by people who don’t maintain them. If you are using them, then know that you will not use it in the future. There are some changes that will happen and if you don’t keep up with these changes, then your business will suffer and you might lose a lot of money.

3. Talk to Other Users

There are other people who might be using these free membership software programs that you are thinking of using. Therefore, you should to look for them so that they can tell you about their experiences. There are some who will be very honest with you and they will tell if they love the software or not.

The best free membership software programs are the ones that are loved and used by many people. Do some online research of these free membership software programs and plugins, but be aware that the glowing reviews are often just disguised sales pages.

Nevertheless you’ll eventually be able to read between the lines to understand better which of the software programs work and get a better idea whether or not you will get the same results. You don’t have to try a new software if there is a good one that is used by a great many people who are getting results from it similar to those you are looking for.

You now know the thing that you need to consider when you are looking for the best free membership software programs. You don’t have waste your time and money trying all the different software on the market, you can use the ones that are used by so many people. If they are getting the best results with the software, then you will also get these results.

Most of us rely on occasional, often coincidental connections with our peers for the insights that could make all the difference. Conversely business owners who regularly integrate the experiences of their successful industry peers into their decision making process will certainly outpace those who simply set goals and hope for the best. Effective business leaders know that when you make better decisions you get better results. They also know that their best decisions are those made in collaboration with people whose success they respect and whose opinions they trust. It is universally true that when we harness to power of our peers, we make better decisions 100% of the time. Find out how this is possible!

We actually used the technique we’ve shown you in these videos and they work just fine. That said, once we were sure we wanted to go the membership route we bought some outstanding WordPress membership site software that does all the tedious stuff for us.

For example we ended up realizing that we wanted our WordPress membership site software to have a free membership level, a paid level that contained some of the same content as the free level and a level for people who were paying members but who stopped paying people we still want to stay connected to.

The ability to be 100% flexible is important to us so we chose WordPress membership site software that cost a few bucks (one time charge) for our primary web site.

More Free Membership Software Programs Videos

For many small businesses the main reason they choose to launch their membership with membership site software is because it’s so easy. All you need is good content and a good idea and you can set it up with little to no technical experience.

We actually used the technique we’ve shown you in these videos and they work just fine. That said, once we were sure we wanted to go the membership route we bought some outstanding WordPress membership site software that does all the tedious stuff for us.

  • #1 3 Ways of Selecting the Best Free Membership Software ProgramsYour WordPress web site allows you to add content easily, but first you have to install WordPress. And membership site software makes this task far easier. Free membership site software programs allow you to manage groups (membership classes) of people whenever that makes sense rather than having to deal with individual clients in every situation.
  • #2 Benefits of Creating a WordPress Membership WebsiteIn part one of this four part series we did not discuss WordPress membership site software as much as we did actually setting up your WordPress site. Now we’re ready to begin using plugins to extend your site’s reach and functionality, to develop WordPress membership site software from plugins anyone can adapt for this purpose
  • #3 Important Pointers to Consider When Writing Membership Scripts In this video we’re actually setting up the membership site software. You’ll be using your WordPress site’s dashboard in this video -which is one reason for watching (or watching again) the first video in the series.
  • #4 WordPress Wishlist Plugin, The Easiest Solution For Creating Professional Membership Websites In the final video we discuss how to set up a two tier membership site, where one level pays a one time fee. This is only one of many possible ways to employ membership site software for your specific business application.

Set your content apart from your competition by making at least some of it available to members only. Launch your “members only” site with outstanding WordPress membership site software that does all the tedious stuff for you. Click now to see how easily you can create your membership website success for a small one time fee.


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