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no matter the type of farm/business you're in, if it's family owned there are relevant resources for you hereThe unique value of the information we provide to the vast universe of privately held and family owned businesses depends on maintaining high editorial standards.

This is business-to-business journalism and requires accuracy, thoroughness and objectivity on the part of our reporters, interns, contributing writers and editors.

In order to provide our blog subscribers and Internet searchers with the most up to date information – resources to help them grow their business – we are reaching out to you for relevant content to help them develop and refine actionable strategies for success.

What We and & Our Readers Want

Readers of our articles are almost evenly divided between owners of privately held established, family owned companies and the professional advisors who serve them.

Some of these businesses have been around almost a Century – and they are interested in how they can blend their long established traditions with the tools and techniques of the 21st. Century. Their common goal: survive their own success, for another generation!

These individuals expect clear, concise, and relevant reports on how they can blend “the way we’ve always done it” with the best practices available, to market goods and products, learn leadership skills to grow their team, expand their brands beyond their traditional boundaries, and increase efficiency and profitability.

Give them something practical and transferable.

For example, tell them something about how they can:

      • Increase sales and/or reduce costs.
      • Understand the role and importance of a strategic plan.
      • Leverage their marketing dollars more effectively.
      • Expand from a local to a regional or global business.
      • Develop financial management skills.
      • Adequately fund business and estate liquidity programs.
      • Enhance their customer service and satisfaction.
      • Automate their business to compete efficiently.
      • Handle conflicts with their traditional distribution partners.
      • Deal effectively with the inevitable conflict between generations of managers, owners, and family members.

Today we are making it extremely easy for thought leaders to have their content posted on our web site.

      • All new content submissions are being posted to our blog by us. Before submitting an article for publication be sure to review the article criteria above – so you will contribute what our readers are anxious to read.
      • If you have an article already published on a respected web site, one that meets our criteria (above), simply paste a link to it in the Contact Us form.
      • When you’re ready to submit your new original article, news story, or product review – simply paste the article in the body of the “Contact Us” form.
      • Add a link to a photo of yourself (from your web site) approximately 165×200 in the email. One we can use like the one on this page.
      • If you have articles already published on your web site that you wish for us to consider, put their links in the email as well.
      • If you want us to embed one of your YouTube videos in your article enclose a link to it too.

The content of your post which can include an embedded video (case study, how-to, opinion, research results, etc.) or your product or service review must be relevant, practical, and transferable.

Be sure your signature file is at the bottom of the article so you will receive credit accurately and so people will be able to contact you easily.

We will email you a permalink link to the article – for your reciprocal link – which will provide your web site visitors a 3rd party opinion of your firm. And it will enhance your relevance and Internet presence when someone is searching for the products and services you provide.

Be sure to give us a list of relevant tags. Not only is this good for external SEO it serves to interlink your articles with those of the same subject – in the Recommended Reading area below each post.

A couple of final notes, we may or may not publish your article immediately since we limit the number of articles to one or two per day.

You retain your full copy-write on anything published here. We will not change it other than to remove links when they exceed two in the copy and two in the signature file. At the same time we retain the editorial prerogative to delete any contribution we find objectionable or far off topic.

And finally, we routinely submit all posts to roughly two dozen prominent social media web sites including our Twitter accounts, Facebook Page etc. Needless to say it will be of mutual benefit for you to do the same.

All the best!

Kenny Blankenship, Managing Director & Content Coordinator
Dawn Manning, Editor in Chief & Video Strategy Coordinator
Vickie “Vic” Catalano Romano, Content Coordinator & Managing Editor
Wayne Messick, Publisher

Family Business Strategies
New York, NY

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