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“The better you are at attracting new business for less money than your competitors the more profitable you are likely to be.”

email marketing remains the most effective marketing tool you have

That’s assuming the cost of getting those new customers is less than the revenues they create.

For most small businesses that means effective use of email marketing tools and strategies.

One key to the profitability of each new customer is how long they remain customers.

How much of what you sell they purchase, and how inexpensively you are able to handle their customer service requests.

The Internet in general and small business email marketing tools specifically make it possible for you to minimize the costs of acquisition and service for both new business and existing customers alike.

The right email marketing tools mean that your advertising, promotion, marketing, and customer service dollars can be leveraged like never before.

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Email Marketing Tools: Five Key Benefits

  • Instantly queue blog posts for syndication to your entire list in just a few clicks
  • You can charge for subscriptions to your mailing list for instant profits
  • Powerful importing of existing subscribers from any other Autoresponder in just a few clicks
  • Easy double opt-in or single opt-in configuration, no forced options here…
  • Avoid expensive monthly fees and use your own hosts mailing capabilities (NO MONTHLY CHARGES)

All product purchases take place via a “buying cycle” from the moment a prospect first hears about it until the sale is consummated. Different industries and different products have longer or shorter buying cycles. Small business email marketing tools give you the opportunity to pre-sell your products because the cost of communication is so low and inexpensive email marketing tools can easily be set up that push people along from one minor point to the next until they are ready to buy.

Whether the individuals are existing customers or new prospects email marketing tools allow you to pre-sell them, making them more likely to buy your product or use your service by giving them something/information of value before asking them to make the ultimate buying decision. Providing useful information to your prospects helps them make a more informed buying decision – resulting in greater product satisfaction and a more profitable transaction for you and your customer.

Small business email marketing tools are also a valuable method for communication between a your company, your business contacts and others – not just for pure marketing/sales reasons. When used effectively, email marketing tools are an extremely efficient and affordable solution for keeping existing and potential customers & clients in the loop regarding up coming events, product offerings, sales, special promotions and much more.

The most effective email marketing tools target as specifically as possible those individuals most likely to find the message’s content valuable, well-timed and relevant to them.

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