Leadership Development Resources Taking A Successful Company into The 21st Century

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leadership development resources

It started with a phone call I received from my client, a third-generation manufacturer in the automotive after-market industry.

When their daughter left for college three years before, she had planned to become an accountant.

The plan was, she would return to the family business and work with her brother, cousins and brother-in-law. She would provide the missing link in the management team of the fourth generation.

The call came from a frustrated father looking for suggestions on how they could put the various ingredients of their business together, now that his daughter had expressed an interest in Internet marketing and Web-design rather than an accounting career.

Being away from the business for the first time in her life (something never possible for her brothers) had given her a chance to see things differently.

The “plan” seemed less appealing to her the further she was removed from it. “Don’t get me wrong“, she said recently, “I love the manufacturing process and I’ve always been fascinated with business, it’s accounting I don’t like.”

Fortunately her dad didn’t panic, waited ’til she returned home for the holidays and listened to her side of the story. That was a year ago. During the summer, the company built their first serious Web site, beyond the original online brochure they had started with.

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What’s Important About Your Business Development Strategies?

business development strategies Someone once reminded me that there is only one direction you can coast, down.

Unless your business development strategies are in place and taking you toward success you are headed toward failure.

I spent a lifetime as a consultant to long-established businesses. Some of them have been doing business for 75 years or more.

And while they do have a business development strategies, they have never had a business plan–at least not one on paper.

The owners were always people who had been around the company all their life. They were so closely identified with the business that it would never occur to them to have a business plan.

If they spotted an opportunity or a problem they knew instinctively what its impact could be on their company. Rarely did they need business development strategies harts and graphs to help them make a decision.

Then something would happen and they would need a plan, maybe for the bank–and immediately their creative juices started flowing, helping them deliver some of the most creative fiction ever written.

Their objective, explain on paper something they believed in their heart but couldn’t prove to someone they had never felt comfortable explaining their business to, until they needed their help.

They had always been too busy and too secretive to really share information about their business development strategies with outsiders or members of the family – so they just sort of flew by the seat of their pants.

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What About Leadership and Management Skills? Leaders Must First Be Followers

leadership and management skills development are just part of why we use the instant audio service we use that has some huge advantages over its competitors, including that no one can download your audios, thereby keeping them on your site longer.

What do you think when someone tells you they can teach you how to be a leader?

True, leadership and management skills are requirements of success today – so why not hire some guru to teach you just how easy it is to become one?

Leadership and management skills certainly seem to be an essential component for the celebrated success of the mega corporations where the leader is the man or woman everyone is willing to follow into unknown territory and stick with against all likelihood.

That looks like it’s the organization’s inevitable secret of success – their readiness to take on the metaphorical San Juan Hill that has been pointed out to them by their leader.

Just as there are famous success stories attributed to the admirers of influential leaders, there have also been some terrible failures. Tragic to the employees who followed and to the stockholders who lost their investment.

When some of these charismatic leaders have so openly lead their devotees (and the media) over a cliff like countless lemmings, probably more ought to have been required than the ability to convince others that they had the right to lead them and the direction they were going was the right one.

Be Sure To Watch This Leadership and Management Skills Video!

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Where Will Your Future Leaders Come From? Succession Planning and Leadership Development

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Leadership and Management Training is Without A Doubt A Major Element in Business Success

Virtually every authoritative who is marketing and advertising leadership training says that leadership is the key core competency of Twenty-first Century business leaders. Considering they are promoting it, does that make them an expert or does it make their self-serving statements regarding the value of leadership training untrue? Both? Or neither? Leadership and management training surely … Read more…

Small Business Internet Marketing and Fly Fishing, What’s The Connection?

Does your website appear on Google’s first page? Are there lots of ways for people to find you? Or are you still relying on brochures and business cards?

Maybe you have experienced Alaskan fly fishing?

You’ll be out there all on your own wading in an ice cold river with its shadowy blue water flowing by.

The sun’s glistening reflection will make it difficult for you to see more than very few inches below the surface.

A giant Largemouth bass can be just a couple of feet away yet you won’t find it – never be aware that it’s there waiting for you.

For hours you wait there casting into the shallows, moving your fly rod back over your head – permitting the fishing line play out to make certain that as you whip it forward the almost weightless fly at its end will drop just the place you originally planned it to land.

Realizing that the trout are there you are making this rhythmic cast over and over till the time a hungry fish jumps right out of the stream and grabs your fly in mid-air.

If this isn’t just like Website marketing for small business I’m not sure what is.

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There Are Three Keys to Tactical Marketing Implementation

marketingOn the subject of developing a marketing strategy, why do so many firms are in such a race to get momentum, to get traction from their initiatives, that they forget the age old precept – accuracy first, momentum second?

Isn’t that why contractors at all skill levels know you should measure twice, cut once?

Don’t forget – it doesn’t help to be making good time, if you find yourself going in the wrong direction.

So, exactly why are some organizations – not you, your rivals preferably, firing away before they have the specific target dialed in – with a clearly defined focus?

Possibly it’s because business people are generally naturally action people together with it just feels better to do something than only thinking about it.

Most likely you have never thought about yourself as a strategist, the other members of your business are too busy with the day-to-day chores to help out, and there’s no one else to confide in that you trust 100%.

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Keyword Research Is A Requirement When it Comes to Writing Successful Articles

keyword research If you totally desire your articles marketing strategy to be successful along with your endeavours compensated then article marketing research is without a doubt an absolute requirement.

Let’s admit it, no one would bother writing the articles in the first place, if they were not seeking a good outcome.

Nonetheless a lot of people, more than you might think, start writing before researching. That’s a backwards and often terminally defective process.

The backward approach might possibly work to some degree, if you are 100% certain exactly what your precise market wants to hear from you.

Then all you’re doing is strengthening a predictable message similar to additional experts in your industry. Nothing new and likely to shine a light in a new area or from a innovative opinion.

A substantially better approach is to research before anything else, and then begin writing the articles. Completed well each article, regardless of whether it focuses on the identical general message, brings a new perspective or highlights an alternative characteristic of the subject than others have done.

What kind of research is required?

A number of people begin with keywords, the actual search terms their unique audience is probably going to use while searching for the information shown in their articles marketing strategy. They can use various tools to get long lists of key terms and then try to include as many of them as is practical on their web pages and in their articles.

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A Powerful Sales Technique Courtesy of Honest Abe

abe lincolnIf you ask any historian to name the greatest leaders in western civilization, there’s a good chance Abe Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States will make the list.

He willed his country to victory in the gut-wrenching Civil War, issued the Emancipation Proclamation and facilitated the eventual ratification of the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery.

A number of traits contributed to Abraham Lincoln’s greatness.

He possessed a brilliant intellect. He had an uncommon amount of common sense. He was a thinker, someone who philosophically examined the world and crafted a rationalized set of personal beliefs by which he steadfastly lived.

While he was blessed with many talents, Lincoln’s greatest attribute may have been his ability to communicate.

He was a skilled orator who eloquently wrote many of his own speeches. He listened sincerely when others spoke. He empathized. He mastered the art of interpersonal communications several decades before the term “interpersonal communications” was coined.

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