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It started with a phone call I received from my client, a third-generation manufacturer in the automotive after-market industry.

When their daughter left for college three years before, she had planned to become an accountant.

The plan was, she would return to the family business and work with her brother, cousins and brother-in-law. She would provide the missing link in the management team of the fourth generation.

The call came from a frustrated father looking for suggestions on how they could put the various ingredients of their business together, now that his daughter had expressed an interest in Internet marketing and Web-design rather than an accounting career.

Being away from the business for the first time in her life (something never possible for her brothers) had given her a chance to see things differently.

The “plan” seemed less appealing to her the further she was removed from it. “Don’t get me wrong“, she said recently, “I love the manufacturing process and I’ve always been fascinated with business, it’s accounting I don’t like.”

Fortunately her dad didn’t panic, waited ’til she returned home for the holidays and listened to her side of the story. That was a year ago. During the summer, the company built their first serious Web site, beyond the original online brochure they had started with.

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What’s Important About Your Business Development Strategies?

business development strategies Someone once reminded me that there is only one direction you can coast, down.

Unless your business development strategies are in place and taking you toward success you are headed toward failure.

I spent a lifetime as a consultant to long-established businesses. Some of them have been doing business for 75 years or more.

And while they do have a business development strategies, they have never had a business plan–at least not one on paper.

The owners were always people who had been around the company all their life. They were so closely identified with the business that it would never occur to them to have a business plan.

If they spotted an opportunity or a problem they knew instinctively what its impact could be on their company. Rarely did they need business development strategies harts and graphs to help them make a decision.

Then something would happen and they would need a plan, maybe for the bank–and immediately their creative juices started flowing, helping them deliver some of the most creative fiction ever written.

Their objective, explain on paper something they believed in their heart but couldn’t prove to someone they had never felt comfortable explaining their business to, until they needed their help.

They had always been too busy and too secretive to really share information about their business development strategies with outsiders or members of the family – so they just sort of flew by the seat of their pants.

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What About Leadership and Management Skills? Leaders Must First Be Followers

leadership and management skills development are just part of why we use the instant audio service we use that has some huge advantages over its competitors, including that no one can download your audios, thereby keeping them on your site longer.

What do you think when someone tells you they can teach you how to be a leader?

True, leadership and management skills are requirements of success today – so why not hire some guru to teach you just how easy it is to become one?

Leadership and management skills certainly seem to be an essential component for the celebrated success of the mega corporations where the leader is the man or woman everyone is willing to follow into unknown territory and stick with against all likelihood.

That looks like it’s the organization’s inevitable secret of success – their readiness to take on the metaphorical San Juan Hill that has been pointed out to them by their leader.

Just as there are famous success stories attributed to the admirers of influential leaders, there have also been some terrible failures. Tragic to the employees who followed and to the stockholders who lost their investment.

When some of these charismatic leaders have so openly lead their devotees (and the media) over a cliff like countless lemmings, probably more ought to have been required than the ability to convince others that they had the right to lead them and the direction they were going was the right one.

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Leadership and Management Training is Without A Doubt A Major Element in Business Success

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7 Effective Team Building Strategies

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10 Must Have Qualities for Business Success

business success There are specific qualities that separate the seriously committed entrepreneurs who win BIG from the rest of the pack.

The entrepreneurs who hang in there, pushing through to find the “best way” become massively successful in their financial endeavors.

Below is a list I have complied as a result of studying the lives of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, focusing on what sets them above the rest.

The good news is that leaders are not born, they´re made. The list below is designed so you can quickly learn from the best leaders of our time, and model after their success.

You may want to print out this list, and highlight the areas you want to work on. If you are taking the time to read this now, you are demonstrating an important quality that tells me you are ready for explosive success.

When you are aware of your own strategy for success and have a plan you are dedicated to following, you will gain incredible momentum, making you unstoppable.

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Stamina Is Crucial To Small Business Success

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What Are Leadership Skills in Today’s Business?

What are leadership skills? Can the skills be learned? Be Sure To Watch This Video! We often hear people say that some folds are simply”born” leaders. It is true that some people’s personalities are better-suited for leading people. They may be more charismatic, for example. But no one is really “born” with the ability to … Read more…

What Is Effective Organizational Leadership?

Organizational leadership is here.

Pretty much everywhere you look nowadays you will discover yet another handbook concerned with organizational leadership. Normally they show off individuals with knowledge and talents we simple ordinary people could never hope to have.

And due to the fact it is such a sought after characteristic for company owners, the secret of organizational leadership is commonly hawked by entrepreneurs who would like to sell us their particular amazing formula for achieving leadership success.

Most of these gurus, through their quite lucrative books and workshops – ones that association execs and meeting planners, as well as corporate people and self-help fans are so crazy about – ought to be labeled as motivation rather then organizational leadership related.

You also have the huge leaders of massive enterprises – folks whose names everyone knows that have lead their companies to greatness or great failures – that will be glad to (for a fee) tell everyone how to avoid their errors and leverage their successes.

Frequently once you sift through the unsupported claims you see aspects of their leadership equation that you could not possibly replicate.

The companies they ran have effectively unlimited resources – if you throw enough money at an concept it simply may well work, particularly when its cost is concealed in vast budgets and it wasn’t your money anyway.

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