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It started with a phone call I received from my client, a third-generation manufacturer in the automotive after-market industry.

When their daughter left for college three years before, she had planned to become an accountant.

The plan was, she would return to the family business and work with her brother, cousins and brother-in-law. She would provide the missing link in the management team of the fourth generation.

The call came from a frustrated father looking for suggestions on how they could put the various ingredients of their business together, now that his daughter had expressed an interest in Internet marketing and Web-design rather than an accounting career.

Being away from the business for the first time in her life (something never possible for her brothers) had given her a chance to see things differently.

The “plan” seemed less appealing to her the further she was removed from it. “Don’t get me wrong“, she said recently, “I love the manufacturing process and I’ve always been fascinated with business, it’s accounting I don’t like.”

Fortunately her dad didn’t panic, waited ’til she returned home for the holidays and listened to her side of the story. That was a year ago. During the summer, the company built their first serious Web site, beyond the original online brochure they had started with.

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A Planning Coordinator To Manage Business Succession Planning

The best time to plant and oak tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today. The same can be said for business succession planning. The longer the planning cycle the better is is for the senior generation as well as the heirs and successors. The laws of compound interest work for you instead of the government. In regards to family business succession planning, little or nothing good comes about by chance. And this includes the possibility of having succession planning head in the right direction as if by magic.

Having a number of professional advisors available to assist you is terrific and I hope you have the most effective lawyers and tax accountants money can buy, although that won’t be good enough.

And appearing as if you are now willing to cooperate with the rest of the family when searching for imaginative alternatives for your family business succession planning to another generation won’t actually deceive anybody either, they’ve already spotted this tactic before.

Really, are they that trusting? Is this the very first time you have all started down this path before only to lose steam quickly?

If this is your initial attempt at family business succession planning great, you may get it right to begin with. And if business succession planning, up to a point, has become almost a full time job without success to date, perhaps there’s a reason.

It’s like when you turn off the fire under a container of boiling water. It will instantly begin cooling off and in a short time the rolling boil will be just a few bubbles and then nothing.

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Planning For Succession: Only The Successful Family Owned Companies Do

Planning for succession is the one thing that sets successful family owned companies apart from all the others – the ones who live for decades on “someday Isle” – until finally the chickens come home to roost.

If you are one of the business owners who have spent 20 or more years developing your business, you understand that passing down the company to the next generation is really your  only hope for personal and financial success.

You have seen other business owners try the clever strategies to do otherwise, such as selling the company or trying to somehow convert it to cash, only to have the deal fall apart or never materialize in the first place.

These unhappy folks often get almost nothing to show for their life’s work, when planning for succession – not that complicated really, would have changed everything.

Why don’t these otherwise successful small business owners take the steps necessary to make certain that planning for succession takes place?

And how about their professional advisors?

They already know that a smooth planning for succession process is the only way their clientele can exit the business satisfactorily, but can’t seem to get their message across to them.

Everyone knows that business succession planning is the methodical process of ownership transition, and it is no simple or easy task. Could be that’s the trouble, it’s too complicated for business owners to understand?

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What Is Effective Organizational Leadership?

Organizational leadership is here.

Pretty much everywhere you look nowadays you will discover yet another handbook concerned with organizational leadership. Normally they show off individuals with knowledge and talents we simple ordinary people could never hope to have.

And due to the fact it is such a sought after characteristic for company owners, the secret of organizational leadership is commonly hawked by entrepreneurs who would like to sell us their particular amazing formula for achieving leadership success.

Most of these gurus, through their quite lucrative books and workshops – ones that association execs and meeting planners, as well as corporate people and self-help fans are so crazy about – ought to be labeled as motivation rather then organizational leadership related.

You also have the huge leaders of massive enterprises – folks whose names everyone knows that have lead their companies to greatness or great failures – that will be glad to (for a fee) tell everyone how to avoid their errors and leverage their successes.

Frequently once you sift through the unsupported claims you see aspects of their leadership equation that you could not possibly replicate.

The companies they ran have effectively unlimited resources – if you throw enough money at an concept it simply may well work, particularly when its cost is concealed in vast budgets and it wasn’t your money anyway.

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Strategic Planning: Small Business Plan Video

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Wayne Rivers: Strategic Planning for Family Businesses

Treat Children Fairly and Equitably

strategic planning for family businesses

You love your children equally, even though you know they have different abilities and personalities.

At Christmas, if you put a candy bar in one of their stockings, you did the same for all.

If you bought a bicycle for one, you bought a bicycle for all.

The same evenhanded treatment applied to their first car, college, and their first house.

You want to treat your children fairly, and that usually means equally.

One of the most troubling estate planning decisions is how to divide your assets when you and your spouse are gone.

It is one of the biggest reasons why family business owners don´t complete estate planning.

You bring your “fair and equal” mindset into this process. When people in corporate America retire, they take their profit sharing or 401(k) funds and away they go.

Heirs of wealthy investors can easily divide liquid assets, and the whole process is quick, neat and tidy. Not so in a family business.

Three factors make this division difficult for family business owners.

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Creating Your Small Business Marketing Plan

small business marketing plan.

Nearly every industry is significantly more competitive today that it was only a few years ago. Which means your small business marketing plan is more important than ever.

Many companies focus on doing their thing a little bit faster or better than they did last year and the most successful are those who, as part of their business development strategy, create and implement a small business marketing plan.

We are selecting YouTube videos from each of the main elements of the business strategic development process such as this one focused on your small business marketing plan and posting them here on a regular basis.

The YouTube videos we’re publishing are supported by related resources in our side bars automatically to make the time you spend here more productive whether you think this particular video answers your questions or not.

The video creator’s description of the small business marketing plan video’s contents …

“We’ll cover how to determine your business goals, marketing options and budget. Presented by Lauren Zirilli, Marketing Communications Manager.”

Regardless of how brief or detailed the above description or whether the organization depicted is larger or smaller than yours, and no matter the specific industry for whom the video itself was created – give it a chance.

Who knows, you just might discover something of value from an unexpected source.

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