Business Development Blueprint

“Your current and future success depends on your ability to consistently make better business decisions.”

Grow Your Business With Collaborative Decision Making!

The most successful among us did not reach the top all by themselves. Rather it was through collaboration with other high achievers on an on-going basis that made all the difference.

The process asks and answers questions you did not know you needed to ask to solve problems and overcome challenges you didn’t know you were about to face.

Effective business development is often the outcome of leveraging the insights and experiences of people you know, whose opinions you trust, and whose success you respect – allowing you to make better decisions systematically, yielding better and better business results over time.

Business strategies developed in collaboration with your peers will give you the support you need to manage and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment and you’ll reciprocate – creating a powerful long lasting business development team.

Business strategic development is more effective when it is derived from the joint efforts of your own personal think tank , your own board of advocates helping you make more consistent and well reasoned decisions about your organization’s future and direction.

Business strategic development in this atmosphere process will positively impact you and your bottom line!

  • Field tested business ideas and perspectives from folks you trust and respect.
  • Challenge untested assumptions before taking action, that might be wrong.
  • Eliminate the isolation and stress that comes from making critical decisions alone.
  • A sounding board that creates an environment of dynamic idea generation and testing.
  • Benefit from the unbiased insights of successful people who’ve been there, done that.

Let’s take a look at the three components to this program…
Develop powerful, productive, and collaborative relationships that can last a lifetime.

It is a volunteer based co-equal partnership between you and your peers. No middleman taking up your time, no “experts” pontificating, and no facilitators on the payroll.

Indeed there are no overhead costs whatsoever required to manage your business strategic development group using freely available resources.

Component #1: Master The Mindset
The exclusive 66-minute exponential mastermind audio interview and word-for-word transcript, a key ingredient of the process, is something you’ll use often as and integral part of your personal audio library for years to come. In this powerful interview you’ll understand how the 21st Century Mastermind Group is actually the integration of several other frameworks that make this otherwise abstract concept real and applicable to the everyday business owner.

Component #2: Acquire The Skills
This is the “Exponential MasterMind e-Book” itself, easy-to-read reference that will guide you from selecting the members for your groups, planning & managing meetings, to fully exploiting the powerful results you will achieve. It is a must-have for anyone who is serious about getting their group up and running quickly and properly.

Component #3: “Take Action” Bonus Package
Owning these resources is of little more than entertainment value unless you take action .

Included is a recorded-live video presentation to recession proof and create wealth in your business right away. This 47-minute Video contains real, practical value.

    • Also included, Group MindMapping Report that will add a huge shot of adrenaline to your decision making process. MindMapping is an exponential strategy in its own right, but imaging if you were able to harness the intelligence, experience, expertise, knowledge and talent of 5, 10, or even 50 people ALL AT ONCE – how much better do you think the solutions you come up would be? This process is the single fastest way for any team or group to solve problems while avoiding conflict, confrontation, and controversy.
    • Video streaming presentation. “How To Out-Sell, Out-Market, & Out Perform Your Competitors” without them even knowing what hit them until it is too late. This is an overview of 15 exceptional marketing strategies you can tailor to your business. Specific examples from several industries with actual results detailed, plus a dozen tips, tricks and techniques to avoid making the most blatant mistakes. And Three secrets you don’t want your competitors to know – ever.
  • There is nothing like seeing something in order to believe it. Listen word for-for-word to a MasterMind session, conducted with first-time callers, live, with no advance training or preparation. This 58-minute raw and un cut recording will show you how this simple process works in real time with real people.Business strategic development using the 21st. Century MasterMind Group process can be used for more than just general business decisions and strategies. It is the ideal platform for developing your…

    Leadership Strategies & Management Training

    When you reach out to successful non-competitive peers you are learning first hand what’s working today. With no axe to grind and no financial stake in decisions you ultimately make, their insights will offer actionable strategies for sustained growth. Meeting regularly invariably creates a board of advocates adding to your existing leadership and management storehouse – creating a wellspring of knowledge and advice to help you run your operation for decades to come.

    Strategic Planning & Competitive Intelligence

    When you have regular and continuing access to the input of your peers you can work through strategic planning scenarios over time. Unlike paid consultants your peers will be there for you when the strategic plan is just a twinkle in your eye – and they’ll still be there to see how it works out years later. And when you extend the mastermind process to others in the organization, they will form groups with their industry peers as well

    Management Succession & Ownership Transition

    A critical benefit of this “experience exchange” business development peer group is that you now have a platform to discuss your management succession ideas with folks who are on the same wave length. You will learn from one another how to enhance the skills and abilities of your next generation successors. Your peers will act as a buffer between the ideas and strategies of others, they’ll help you see the big picture along with options you never considered, and they’ll share their experiences honestly.

    Think about the last time you faced a new problem or were about to make a decision for the first time. Who did you turn to and confide in? Who did you trust in confidence for unbiased feedback, support and perspective? Wouldn’t it be great if they were people available to you right now, this very minute, part of your very own board of advocates and advisers?

    Every one of us is where we are right now, in our business and in our life – as a result of the decisions we’ve made in the past. Likewise our futures will be determined by the choices we make today.

    Take control of your organization’s future now without having to pay anyone to baby sit your peer to peer collaborations.

    Unleash Your True Potential
    Click Here To Order This Tried and Tested Process!

All the best!

Kenny Blankenship, Managing Director & Content Coordinator
Dawn Manning, Editor in Chief & Video Strategy Coordinator
Vickie “Vic” Catalano Romano, Content Coordinator & Managing Editor
Wayne Messick, Publisher

Family Business Strategies
New York, NY

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