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Discussing business development strategies, leadership and teamwork with Coach Wooden at 1984 NCAA Championship game Generally speaking, business development strategies is an expression that encompasses all of the day-to-day business planning activities, to realize the ultimate goals of the business owner and their family.

What I have found over the years is that while individuals and their advisors talk about the various elements of business development strategies as if they each operate in a vacuum.

In reality, everything is connected to everything else in business as in life.

For over three decades I helped family owned businesses refine their business development strategies, to better focus on their long term future.

Helping them develop leadership skills was crucial in their sustainable growth and their ability to maintain the strategic focus required for long term success.

Early in my career I was fortunate to connect with some of the great leadership guru’s of our time.

This proved to be invaluable to my clients and to me – leadership is probably the single most important characteristic of successful business owners.

Business development strategies in the emotionally charged environment of a family business often meant helping everyone articulate & manage their individual differences, to achieve long term family and business success.

Honestly addressing the challenges of “fair” vs “equal” treatment of the heirs, successors and senior managers was an often complicating matter.

my copy of the best family business strategies book I ever readInevitably, success was defined by the vast majority of our clients, as the continuation of their business as a vibrant going concern into and beyond the next generation.

Fortunately for my clients and me I connected with Dr. Leon Danco and his colleagues at a key point in my career.

Recently I made the photo to the right of the dog-eared copy of one of the most useful books I ever read. I used the lessons learned in this beat up copy of “Beyond Survival” for over twenty plus years.

While my assignments always began with a succession planning focus, business development strategies also take into account conflict resolution among and between the family and business members, strategic planning and small business marketing issues and challenges.

What I discovered over the years I worked with family businesses was that no matter the challenges (financially & personally) people faced, there were a couple of things they could do, things that are 100% within their control, that would help them achieve their goals more easily.

And then along came the Internet, which conquers both time and distance, to help them do it.

A 1990's audience snap shot at taken at one of dozens of trade association presentations when I discussed business development strategies in the context of surviving the succession of the family business into the next generationThe single key to every businesses success is consistently making better decisions.

Most leaders were telling me that their most successful decisions were those made in collaboration with their peers.

We saw how access to a range of opinions from successful business owners and their confidants – people they would never be able to connect with, could provide them with perspectives generally not available to them locally.

Over the years we created many many articles – timeless business development strategies articles that are as popular today as they were when they were first published.

Eventually we began to receive a steady stream of articles contributed by people who know a great deal more than we do – so the job became one of selecting the right submissions to publish, based on what we knew about our web site visitors and newsletter subscribers.

When YouTube arrived on the scene, followed closely by the high speed Internet connection we all now enjoy, we began offering selected videos that make the assimilation of ideas and concepts almost effortless in many cases.
in the office
That said, and by way of disclaimer, not all the YouTube videos are going to win any awards. Since every video different and so is every viewer’s perspective we’re giving it our best shot.

Plus when possible we link to other related videos in the area directly below each post.

Today, with the help of my most capable colleagues, as well as Facebook and Twitter, we did away with our newsletter – making access to all our past and future resources an “on demand” option without burdening anyone will unnecessary email messages.

To receive timely updates about our newest content and recently updated content, you can “like” our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter.

What’s exciting to me is the creation of  Marketing Professional Services,  for business advisors based on a lifetime of experience working with Main St. businesses.

Living the life 2011Our objective today is to provide the tools and actionable strategies business coaches and other professional solution providers need – to help their clients make better business decisions by enhancing their ability to solve the challenges to creating a successful future for themselves.

The content here is created from the point of view of the business owner. Often business advisors refer their clients to it for credible non-biased insights.

The content categories each represent one of the principal elements that make up the complete picture of business development strategies. There are numerous articles and videos in each – from a range of perspectives.

In addition there are pages we call “Be More Productive” that offer stand alone insights into one or another of these areas – some of them also have links to additional comments, articles, interviews with business owners and thought leaders.

It is our mission to offer a broad perspective on the challenges business owners face as well as their solutions.

I really hope you find the time you spend here worthwhile (productive), that you will follow me on Twitter and share your opinion about what you find here with your social media followers and contacts.

Your future will be the result of the decisions you are making and the actions you are taking today.

All the best!

Kenny Blankenship, Managing Director & Content Coordinator
Dawn Manning, Editor in Chief & Video Strategy Coordinator
Vickie “Vic” Catalano Romano, Content Coordinator & Managing Editor
Wayne Messick, Publisher

Family Business Strategies
New York, NY

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