Bad Things About Social Media

The bad things about social media, we’ve all heard the horror stories. When your customers are excited about an experience they tell the world about it instantly. When that excitement is because they were dissapointed by you or your servvice – telling the world is not a good thing.

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We are our business and our business is us. Negative comments, especially the unfounded ones, hurt us personally as well as financially.

Successful business owners use online reputation monitoring tools to harness the bad things about social media by learning how people perceive their service and whether that perception matches the ones you want established.

There are three bad things about social media you must be paying attention to. You financial future depends on it.

Malicious Rumors By Disgruntled Customers and Evil Competitors

Comments made by people who actively want to damage your reputation. This is one of the bad things about social media that sometimes makes me wish it had never been invented. There’s no way anybody can stop them, unless they break the law, and even then it may be too late – their damage has been done, their objective achieved. The key is for you to know about their comments immediately, no matter where online they make them. If you’re not prepared to respond to their comment immediately the results can be disasterous. These are the sort of comments that can go viral. You must set the record straight before their rumor mongering can have its desired effect.

Emotionl Outbursts From Disstatisfied Customers or Their Friends

When you perform your services in an emotionally charged environment people may make comments in the heat of the moment (comments they regret and forget as soon as they make them) Sometimes they are reacting because of something out of anyone’s control, or their expectations were different from the service you contracted to provide. Who knows, it could be anything in the heat of the moment. When you respond appropriately, immediately,  their friends will see you as someone who cares. Maybe they are looking for someone to hire for their upcoming event and they know know you are someone who’s paying attention.  Once again, it’s important that you know about their comments as soon as they make them.

Legitimate Complaints By Someone Sincerely Trying To Help

These comments are gold. Personally I’m a little skeptical of glowing “Five Star” comments. My first thought is that they were made be a friend of the family, especially now that even our grandmothers are online. Legitimate complaints give us a chance to address the sort of issues important to our customers. Each legitamate complaint resolved positively makes your services better next time. They help make us better and more profitable as a result. That’s true only if we know about them right away so we can respond appropriately.

In each of the bad things about social media mentioned above there is a very real dollars and cents value in being fore warned!

Online reputation management tools help us leverage comments that could otherwise be seen as negative – converting them to potential new opportunities, to a vastly wider audience than we would otherwise have access to.

Business owners today know it’s not a question of “if” someone is going to post a negative comment about their business – it’s when.

The $1.00 trial is fully functioning and can be set up in less than an hour.

By the end of the trial period you’ll know for sure whether this is the online reputation management tools for you or not. All for a buck!

Control The Bad Things About Social Media, $1 Trial

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Effective leaders know full well that some mistakes, and there will always be mistakes, their business can absorb. And some mistakes can (often quickly) absorb their business.

They know that their reputation as someone worthy of trust, someone who consistently delivers on their promises – is everything. Mistakes, whether real or perceived, are often pounced on immediately by unhappy or revenge seeking customers or competitors.

Your customers are online talking about your business every day and if you’re not monitoring these conversations in real time, the damage can be devastating – before you have a chance to state your case. Posting a bad review on TripAdvisor, FaceBook, or Twitter take minutes – and you better be able to address them just a quickly.

Business owners like you are realizing they need a dependable way to find out what’s being said about their company and an effective and efficient way of managing their online reputation.

Click here now and we’ll walk you through this simple and effective business tool – protect your brand, your people, your customers – your livelihood – for a $1.00 trial subscription.

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