Leadership Development Resources Taking A Successful Company into The 21st Century

leadership development resources

It started with a phone call I received from my client, a third-generation manufacturer in the automotive after-market industry.

When their daughter left for college three years before, she had planned to become an accountant.

The plan was, she would return to the family business and work with her brother, cousins and brother-in-law. She would provide the missing link in the management team of the fourth generation.

The call came from a frustrated father looking for suggestions on how they could put the various ingredients of their business together, now that his daughter had expressed an interest in Internet marketing and Web-design rather than an accounting career.

Being away from the business for the first time in her life (something never possible for her brothers) had given her a chance to see things differently.

The “plan” seemed less appealing to her the further she was removed from it. “Don’t get me wrong“, she said recently, “I love the manufacturing process and I’ve always been fascinated with business, it’s accounting I don’t like.”

Fortunately her dad didn’t panic, waited ’til she returned home for the holidays and listened to her side of the story. That was a year ago. During the summer, the company built their first serious Web site, beyond the original online brochure they had started with.

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What’s Important About Your Business Development Strategies?

business development strategies Someone once reminded me that there is only one direction you can coast, down.

Unless your business development strategies are in place and taking you toward success you are headed toward failure.

I spent a lifetime as a consultant to long-established businesses. Some of them have been doing business for 75 years or more.

And while they do have a business development strategies, they have never had a business plan–at least not one on paper.

The owners were always people who had been around the company all their life. They were so closely identified with the business that it would never occur to them to have a business plan.

If they spotted an opportunity or a problem they knew instinctively what its impact could be on their company. Rarely did they need business development strategies harts and graphs to help them make a decision.

Then something would happen and they would need a plan, maybe for the bank–and immediately their creative juices started flowing, helping them deliver some of the most creative fiction ever written.

Their objective, explain on paper something they believed in their heart but couldn’t prove to someone they had never felt comfortable explaining their business to, until they needed their help.

They had always been too busy and too secretive to really share information about their business development strategies with outsiders or members of the family – so they just sort of flew by the seat of their pants.

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Video: Top 10 Characteristics of a Leader

I have seen dozens of articles detailing the top 10 characteristics of an effective leader. These lists were always different, they had the characteristics in different orders of importance. There was one characteristic that was on every list, accountability. Leaders are accountable to their employees, their customers, to their businesses, their families and to themselves. … Read more…

Your Business Plan: The Key To Business Success

If you want to know what your future will look like, look at your business plan. What, you don’t have one? Your organization’s future will either be the result of the planning and execution of those plans – in other words the actions you take today or the time you’ll wish you had created a … Read more…

A Planning Coordinator To Manage Business Succession Planning

The best time to plant and oak tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today. The same can be said for business succession planning. The longer the planning cycle the better is is for the senior generation as well as the heirs and successors. The laws of compound interest work for you instead of the government. In regards to family business succession planning, little or nothing good comes about by chance. And this includes the possibility of having succession planning head in the right direction as if by magic.

Having a number of professional advisors available to assist you is terrific and I hope you have the most effective lawyers and tax accountants money can buy, although that won’t be good enough.

And appearing as if you are now willing to cooperate with the rest of the family when searching for imaginative alternatives for your family business succession planning to another generation won’t actually deceive anybody either, they’ve already spotted this tactic before.

Really, are they that trusting? Is this the very first time you have all started down this path before only to lose steam quickly?

If this is your initial attempt at family business succession planning great, you may get it right to begin with. And if business succession planning, up to a point, has become almost a full time job without success to date, perhaps there’s a reason.

It’s like when you turn off the fire under a container of boiling water. It will instantly begin cooling off and in a short time the rolling boil will be just a few bubbles and then nothing.

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Is There A Difference Between Strategic Planning and Transition Planning?

The best time to plant and oak tree was twenty years ago. The next best tie is today. The same can be said for business transition planning. The longer the planning cycle the better is is for the senior generation as well as the heirs and successors. The laws of compound interest work for you instead of the government.
It probably never occurred to you that most business transition planning takes place on Sunday night or Friday afternoon.

That’s when we are either making our list for what we hope to accomplish (talk transition planning with our dad for example) next week or rationalizing how the things we did not get to this week and the discussions we did not have weren’t really that important anyway.

Strategic planning, especially as it pertains to transition planing for much longer than that either doesn’t get done at all – or under duress.

Family business ownership transition planning and the other elements of  management succession planning blend together into  the orderly (hopefully) transition of the organization’s management and generally ownership from the present generation of owners to the next, individuals who’re going to be owning and managing the operation in the 21st. Century.

Seamless management succession and ownership transition transition planning are the ideal, the goal, the objective on virtually every highly effective business owner’s mind.

The key benefits of the family business transition process start to accrue the day you get serious about creating the future you would like for your enterprise and your family.

And the process continues forever, much like your family’s participation in the business will probably extend far beyond the lifetimes of everyone living today.

Listed here are three critical planning elements uniquely connected with each other to create the succession and transition planning process, at least one that is equally seamless and financially productive.

Strategic Planning

It is a essential element of the business transition planning process. You may not use this phrase in your day-to-day interactions, perhaps thinking it belongs solely to huge public businesses, but strategic planning is exactly what you are doing whenever you plan in advance beyond the next year or so – routinely rolling your planning ahead of you along the way.

Business strategic planning is also about management training and leadership development for your next generation owners so they’ll be ready to assume full accountability when the time is right.

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Small Business Internet Strategy for Main Street

The instant audio service we use has some huge advantages over its competitors, including that no one can download your audios, thereby keeping them on your site longer and making it part of our small business internet strategy. By now every company of every size has a web site of some sort, from a highly developed site created by world class designers, to WordPress sites like this one, to database driven e-commerce web sites, to simply a Facebook page.

What’s often missing for most however is a comprehensive “what are we trying to accomplish” small business Internet strategy.

For most businesses, developing a small business Internet strategy requires first of all an understanding of why there is a need for such a strategy.

Obviously, there is far more hype than fact about the Internet today.

What’s often lost in much of the hype is the great opportunity traditional Main Street companies now have to regain the ground given up since Montgomery Ward catalogs started showing up in mailboxes nearly a century ago. They can do this by leveraging what makes them so powerful, their presence on Main St. along with a small business Internet strategy.

Now I wasn’t around when the catalogs first appeared. But I witnessed the next big threat to Main Street–the shopping center. When I was 13, my folks took me to see one of the first–the Great Western Shopping Center in Columbus, Ohio.

There was even a model of the Seven Wonders of the World in the parking lot, imagine that.

How could anybody compete with the Seven Wonders of the World. And then the regional all-weather entertainment center a few miles away–with three times as many stores–made the Great Western shopping center, obsolete.

Today that state of the art mall has almost closed – losing all its glitter and uniqueness to other more up to date open-air malls being built around the outer belt a few miles away.

Through all of these changes, Main Street has adapted and survived.

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Small Business Internet Marketing and Fly Fishing

Maybe you have experienced Wyoming fly fishing?

You’re the one out in the open all on your own standing in an icy cold stream with its shadowy blue water rushing by.

The sun’s gleaming reflection can make it extremely hard for you to see more than a few inches under the surface.

A big Bass might be just a couple of feet away yet you might never see it – never even know it’s right there waiting for you.

For hours you stand there casting into the shadows, moving your fly fishing rod back over your head – permitting the fishing line play out to make certain that right after you whip it forward the just about weightless fly at its end will drop exactly the place you expected it to land.

Realizing that the bass are there you are making this rhythmic cast again and again until finally a hungry fish explodes straight from the river and grabs your fly in the air.

If this isn’t just like small business Internet marketing I don’t know what is.

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What Is Effective Organizational Leadership?

Organizational leadership is here.

Pretty much everywhere you look nowadays you will discover yet another handbook concerned with organizational leadership. Normally they show off individuals with knowledge and talents we simple ordinary people could never hope to have.

And due to the fact it is such a sought after characteristic for company owners, the secret of organizational leadership is commonly hawked by entrepreneurs who would like to sell us their particular amazing formula for achieving leadership success.

Most of these gurus, through their quite lucrative books and workshops – ones that association execs and meeting planners, as well as corporate people and self-help fans are so crazy about – ought to be labeled as motivation rather then organizational leadership related.

You also have the huge leaders of massive enterprises – folks whose names everyone knows that have lead their companies to greatness or great failures – that will be glad to (for a fee) tell everyone how to avoid their errors and leverage their successes.

Frequently once you sift through the unsupported claims you see aspects of their leadership equation that you could not possibly replicate.

The companies they ran have effectively unlimited resources – if you throw enough money at an concept it simply may well work, particularly when its cost is concealed in vast budgets and it wasn’t your money anyway.

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Niche Marketing Success Requires Research

Resources in the form of selected YouTube videos to help you leverage your business development strategies to achieve their greatest impact. Each element in the business development strategies equation, such as niche marketing, is interdependent with the others.

Niche marketing is the key to ending up were you want to go.

Who is your target, your ideal customer? Who can you serve most profitably, who is looking for what you’re selling?

Niche marketing research helps you identify them specifically. If you don’t know for sure who they are the niche marketing research process will help you figure that out as well.

Many small businesses use some sort of content marketing to attract new prospective customers – their niche, to come to their web site or their place of business.

Often they use articles to do it.

If you totally want your articles marketing strategy to succeed then niche marketing research is an absolute prerequisite.

Let’s admit it, no one would bother writing the articles from the outset, if they were not looking forward to an effective outcome. However a number of people, more than you might think, start writing before researching.

That’s a backwards and expensively defective strategy.

The backward approach might possibly work to a certain extent, if you are 100% positive what your specific target audience wants to hear from you.

Then all you’re doing is strengthening a predictable message similar to various other experts in your industry. Nothing new and likely to shine a light in a new area or from a fresh new viewpoint.

A much wiser approach is to do the research first and foremost, and then start writing the articles. Undertaken well each article, even when it targets on the same general message, brings a new perspective or highlights another characteristic of the subject than others have done.

What sort of research is important?

A lot of people start with search phrases, the actual search terms their particular audience is likely to use when looking for the info delivered in their articles marketing strategy. They will use various tools to get long lists of keyword phrases and then try to include as many of them as is feasible on their web pages and in their articles.

Keywords and phrases are important. They allow the search engines that crawl your pages to distinguish the subject of the content, but keywords and phrases are not the only factor to consider.

Another primary consideration is your potential audience, the men and women whose interest you need to alert. Identifying your potential prospects is the logical first step.

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Workplace Conflict Resolution: Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Workplace Conflict Resolution: Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Workplace conflict resolution is not about the overt – intimidation, bullying etc. that gets all the current headlines.

Maybe it is in your workplace – however whether the atmosphere seems to be filled with tension from one of these visible issues, it is often the silent conflict that is the most troublesome.

Here is  workplace conflict resolution training video clip about managing conflict in the workplace from the e-Learning program “Workplace Conflict Resolution,”

If the following resonates with you pass it along to your colleagues, if not there may be others that will coming down the road – so if you subscribe to our feed or follow us on Twitter and you’ll receive a heads-up when they’ve been posted.

Videos help you find out which information has potential so you can follow up with the video’s creator. And they help you sort out those that would be a waste of time if you had to go somewhere or pay money for the information included in them.

Videos, like this one about managing conflict in the workplace, are like the people who made them, different. Some provide more information than others and since we don’t know you and what you are specifically looking for, we’re posting a variety of them.

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What is Leadership Strategy, What Does It Mean To You?

what is leadership strategy? Are you a natural leader? Some leaders like this one are born, most are made. Do you consider yourself to be a leader, what do your employees think?

When a discussion of leadership takes place do you ever ask what is leadership strategy?

For that matter do leaders actually have the answer to that, or are they just making it up as they go along?

What is leadership strategy first presumes that you understand what it takes to be a leader, what the characteristics of leadership are – and how they dovetail together to create the answer to the question of hat is leadership strategy.

For example, as a leader do you demonstrate empathy, kindness, and commitment in ways that encourage others to follow you?

Do you regularly collaborate with your successful peers, before making decisions that will effect those whose trust in your judgement is a central component in their willingness to see you are THEIR leader?

And while leading are your management shills developed well enough to insure you are leading in the right direction?

For example, do you look at leadership and business management separately, as being two different disciplines requiring two different people?

Maybe that’s true – but, based on my experience if you want your company to grow and evolve, to fully address what is leadership strategy you need to be both a leader and a manager.

This is not the answer to what are leadership skills unless you simply want to maintain the status quo. If that’s the case then all that you need to do is “manage” people – which is something quite different from leading them.

In business as in nature, everything is either growing or it is dead. Your business may be dead, if you think you can manage your way out of today’s economic environment.

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