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Actually it was 1994 when we launched our first web site – not as a commercial exercise but so that I would never have to have a brochure printed again.

And from that day onward my business cards only had to display my contact information, including my web site.

I remember how aghast my colleagues were when I told them that if people could not figure out how to find my web site – I did not want them as a client.

Was I using 20/20 foresight or was I just too cheap to keep having new brochures and business cards printed? The truth was a few years in coming.

By 1998 was being taken more seriously leading us to launch the first of over two dozen additional web sites, including this one, dedicated to developing original content of value to Main Street family business owners. 2004

By early 2017 all relevant content from iBizResources and our other sites will be here. You can find the original articles (updated) or a new one focused on the same topic by using our search box above.

For three decades we helped successful family businesses develop an atmosphere of shared goals and address the challenges characteristically faced when they are planning for the future of their business – beyond the current managing generation.

It occurred to us that we could provide access to the lessons we have learned, our observations based on decades working with business owners, and our perspectives from those experiences through articles posted here.

Three things became clear to me as I oversaw the growth of our family of web sites.

First: Long term success is made considerably easier when people collaborate regularly with their successful peers. So we created a page describing the process with links to resources and videos to help you.

Second: People learn best when they have access to various points of view, insights about the same subjects from a variety or trusted sources. That was the impetus for the creation of dedicated web sites around workplace conflict resolution, succession planning, small business marketing, leadership strategies etc.

Third: Folks have told us that it would be really great if they could get it all in one place. Newly created blog posts that feature links to related stories on our family of sites, related YouTube videos selected to add value to the posts, and snippets of recently published content on the sites of authoritative thought leaders.

One of the things we learned from our mentors early on, is that there is an element of leadership in every aspect of our business and our life. Here is a summary article answering the age old question “What Are Leadership Skills” with links to additional elements of leadership. There are dozens more leadership related articles and videos throughout our web site, use the search bar to find them.

All the best!

Kenny Blankenship, Managing Director & Content Coordinator
Dawn Manning, Editor in Chief & Video Strategy Coordinator
Vickie “Vic” Catalano Romano, Content Coordinator & Managing Editor
Wayne Messick, Publisher

Family Business Strategies
New York, NY

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